Wine Tasting Summer 2011 by Sonja

Wine Tasting Summer 2011 by Sonja

One of the things you can do around Prangins is wine tasting.

At the beginning of the summer the winemakers of Canton Vaud offer a wonderful tour of their vinyards, where you can taste all the different wines they produce, see how wine is made, travel around the countryside and enjoy the magnificent scenery in the area.

A few of us decided to make that trip. The cost was 15 CHF per person. Included in the cost was access to more than 250 vinyards, free shuttle between the vinyards and a souvenir wineglass that we had to carry around between places in a very fetching carry-case slung around one’s neck!

(The tickets/wine glass pass can be bought on the day at the ticket-office in Nyon railway station or at Gland railway station)

The glass is your pass and all you have to do is wait for it to be filled with different wines in different wineries at no extra cost.

Many of the places even offered food, some free and others not. Either way the trip is well worth the 15 CHF.

So off we went on Saturday afternoon and ended up visiting 5 vinyards from 12 noon until 7 pm (unfortunately the shuttle stop in the early evening. You are then responsibly returned to the railway station and left to make your way home). In that time we had tasted endless amounts of red and white wines and even some champagne. Yum yum!

Some of the vinyards welcome visitors at anytime, so long as you call and book before you arrive!  We all ended up doing some shopping at Le Domaine Des Ours, a wine-maker in the small nearby village of Dully. There we found wonderful wine and a welcoming owner.

Another vinyard we visited was Sarraux – Dessous. There we were treated to a great tour of the whole wine making process. The owner (Eric Barbay) and his son (Sebastian Barbay) showed us around and made sure our glasses were never empty.

The next tour of the local vinyards is going to be November 5th-6th 2011. This is not the whole Canton of Vaud but a more local tour. Something that we will definitely not miss!

The website and further information can be found at


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