Chocolate chocolate ! by Sarah and Glen

 Chocolate Chocolate!  

A visit to Rapp’s School of Chocolate. We crushed cocoa beans in our hands, examined jars of pickled cocoa pods, inhaled the smells of freshly roasted beans  and drank from a tap of ever flowing chocolate!

Our visit to Rapp on the 26th of May with Prangins International Club was well worth the 15 franc ticket price. The tour of the Rapp factory starts with a fascinating history of chocolate.

Where you learn that Christopher Columbus, when given a precious cargo of coca beans, discarded them thinking it was goat poo! We were taken through the life of a cocoa bean from how the plants are grown and the fruits picked, how they are graded and how they are dried. Finally, how this incredible cargo makes its way to Switzerland.

M. Rapp shared with us some facts about the use of cocoa butter which did not involve chocolate and if you want to know what the melting temperature of cocoa butter is, and the many applications that this product lends itself to. sign up for next visit!!

M. Rapp is a charming and fascinating man with a slightly naughty sense of humour which added to the fun and enjoyment of the visit. You will be surprised at the variety of information he passes on to you and the skill involved in making chocolate bunnies;  all done by musical notes! Again if you are wondering how this can be, you will have to go on the tour to find out. Eating a chocolate bunny will never quite be the same!

But let’s not forget the chocolate, delicious!During our lesson of chocolate making, we were indulged with samples of his finest 75% coca chocolate and his lovely 45 % chocolate with nugget. The milk chocolate buttons was superb! After some guess work we now know how much chocolate there is in a bar of white chocolate. We concluded that the dark stuff is better for the waist line, less sugar!

Mr. Rapp takes you through how each grade of chocolate is made; dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, followed by a very generous selection of fine and truly yummy chocolates that we devoured in the workshop topped off with a glass of wine. HEAVEN!.

The workshop houses every woman’s dream…an ever-flowing tap of chocolate…and yes you are able to sample, sample, sample. Admittedly you are given a spoon and not a cup. But we can not have everything!

Pictures from top to bottom: Crushing and smelling the freshly roasted cocoa beans, Through the shop of temptation to the workshop, Next two pictures learning about musical notes and the art of making chocolate bunnies! Tasting the chocolate and getting it everywhere! and finally for all our hard work; a certificate!

All photographs: Theodora Angel Dawson

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