Stories from Prangins

Stories from Prangins

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A little secret by Kevin Harris

Hey, let me tell you a little secret I found out recently…Now, I have principles about not divulging confidences, but having thought about this particular dilemma long and hard, I feel sure my confidents will not mind. Reasons for this will become clear as you read further!

Chocolate chocolate ! by Sarah and Glen

Our visit to Rapp on the 26th of May with Prangins International Club was well worth the 15 franc ticket price. The tour of the Rapp factory starts with a fascinating history of chocolate.

Off the boat! by Sameer Parekh

I left India and boarded a plane for the first time in my life. This was my first flight, thus lots of surprises were waiting for me.

Notes on a village slope by Tim Goodyear

Busy chit-chat of both birds and earnest Swiss-German dialects on the Route de Saint Jacques has arrived earlier than usual in Prangins.

Wine Tasting Summer 2011 by Sonja

One of the things you can do around Prangins is wine tasting.


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