English Theatre in the Geneva/Nyon Region

Geneva English Drama Society

Theatre in English in the Geneva/Nyon region

The GENEVA ENGLISH DRAMA SOCIETY (GEDS) is one of the oldest English-language theatre groups in Europe, having been founded in 1933. It has played an important role in the cultural life of Geneva and its many theatrical triumphs over the years have been the result of the dedicated input of its members – some of them with professional theatrical experience, but most of them enthusiastic amateurs. They also have a group for youngsters called The Edge.

Get more information from www.geds.ch

The GENEVA AMATEUR OPERATIC SOCIETY (GAOS) has been in existence for nearly 40 years, and stages three or four major shows per year.  Their shows include light operetta, musical comedy, cabaret-style performances and a traditional British pantomime or Christmas show.  They have a Choral Group, organise musical evenings, and have a group for young people, too, The Really Youthful Group – for youngsters up to 20 years.

Get more information from www.gaos.ch   Tickets fromwww.theatreinenglish.ch

GEDS and GAOS have a joint, free mailing list through which you can receive publicity about their shows.  Ask to be put on the list through either website.

HOWARD PRODUCTIONS (HP) has been bringing a professional theatre group to the Geneva region twice a year for the past 12 years.

Ask to be put on the free mailing list, and get more information from www.howardprod.ch

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