Prangins Life

Prangins Life

This is where you find useful information:-emergency telephone numbers, Promenthoux beach, an apartment to rent, share your funny stories on life in Switzerland, pass on anything you think will help others. All your contributions will be here for others to find and enjoy.

Public Library

There is a public library available to residents of Nyon and neighbouring villages with a section of English fiction books, also other sections in German and Italian. read more

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency services: the numbers to call for Fire, Police, Ambulance in Geneva and Vaud. Also drug help, poisons and emergency doctors and hospitals.

Police  117….read more

Prangins’ Beach

In the summer there is nothing finer than taking a dip, and Prangins has a wonderful place to take the plunge and cool off. The beach at Promenthoux….read more

Theatre in English in the Geneva/Nyon

The GENEVA ENGLISH DRAMA SOCIETY (GEDS) is one of the oldest English-language theatre groups in Europe, having been founded in 1933.….read more


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