JoAnne Freeman

Leadership Training & Facilitation

Zesty training that is immediately useful!

JoAnne Freeman founded SWIM upstream to boost professional’s impact and influence. SWIM upstream focuses on the communication skills and behaviour that are critical for outstanding performance and gaining recognition and rewards.

Training topics enjoying high demand include: Marketing Brand Me, the Unwritten Rules of the Game, Influencing Top Management and Convincing Presentations.

An experienced facilitator, JoAnne is regularly called to facilitate large and complex meetings using her kit bag of active and effective process techniques.

SWIM upstream training and facilitation impart the confidence, motivation and skills that are needed to make a memorable impression

JoAnne Freeman

JoAnne created her own business called SWIM upstream in 1999 She offers meeting facilitation and team building services as well as leadership training.

JoAnne was responsible for Management Education at Digital Equipment Corporation after coming to Geneva from Canada in 1985. She graduated from Carleton University Ottawa in Sociology and has studied International Cooperation, Dramatherapy and Transactional Analysis.  She has worked as a Sociology professor in Canada and Geneva and in Humanitarian project management in Haiti, Niger, India and Nepal.

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