Mo’s Kitchen

Mo’s Kitchen

Home-made jams

Maureen has been making and selling jams locally for many years.  She specialises in unusual jams – that’s to say, flavours you will not find in supermarkets.  With the help of recipes handed down from her grandmother, her mother-in-law etc. she aims to keep the tradition of ancient combinations of flavours alive.  For example, jams such as rhubarb & ginger, or apricot & almond have been known for centuries.  Maureen finds the fruit locally if at all possible – from friends’ gardens and from local farms.

Her specialities include traditional

  • British Orange Marmalade, 
  •  Blackberry & Apple,
  •  Rhubarb & Ginger
  •  Apricot & Almond Jams

– but also some old favourites such as strawberry, plum and black cherry.  Leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, she also makes home-made mincemeat for those traditional mince pies, and Christmas (plum) puddings and brandy butter.


Contact her at if you would like to know more.

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