LaimaDinner is a company delivering products and cooking instructions for family dinners.


Society is increasingly aware of the topic of “healthy living”.  Physical activity is becoming a part of everyday life. However eating habits are lagging behind due to numerous reasons. The lack of time in a fast-paced modern society is the most frequent reason. Another cause for the lack of importance given to healthy nutrition is a challenge of being creative and generating enough cooking ideas to vary the family menu.

At LaimaDinner, we strongly believe that one of the cornerstones of a happy life is an adopted favourable attitude towards food and healthy eating habits. We shape the habits of our children by demonstrating an example of what we eat at home. If we can get it right from their young days, the children growing up to have a background of healthy nutrition will be set for life, despite the teenage “junk food” periods.

Our vision is to help people to close the gap between what they know about healthy nutrition and what they actually serve on the table. We plan the weekly dinner menus and deliver ingredients together with easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

The groceries are conveniently delivered on Mondays to their homes or in the office . BIO, seasonal, local, ancient sorts of grains and vegetables are always included in your shopping bags.

You may choose a 3- or 5-dinner package

As a start-up bonus for PIC community  we are offering  7% discount off your first order

Please enter code:  PIC2014  at check-out

This offer is valid once  until March 31st, 2014, for any number of weeks from the Catalogue, including Gift vouchers and BIO grains

Visit our website <>  for more information about our products and company .

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Eat better, feel good!

LaimaDinner Team

We Deliver ,You Cook!

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