PIC Sponsors


Need to find a business?  Looking for a gym? Need a hair-dresser. If you can not find what you are looking for, get in touch and we can contact the whole club to find help!


Society is increasingly aware of the topic of “healthy living”.  Physical activity is becoming a part of everyday life. However eating habits are lagging behind due to numerous reasons……read more

Zagrith and its unique items and expertise…

We are a comprehensive and creative, import-export company with India specialising

in high-quality custom-made curtains, Pashmina shawls and soft-water pearls…..read more

French Lessons

for your own enjoyment with neither stress nor exams

making the most of your free morning time to study a language which will help you integrate into your new life and cope with everyday life situations…read more

Leadership Training & Facilitation

Zesty training that is immediately useful!

JoAnne Freeman founded SWIM upstream to boost professional’s impact and influence. SWIM upstream focuses on the communication skills and behaviour that are critical for outstanding performance and gaining recognition and rewards….read more

Mo’s Kitchen

Maureen has been making and selling jams locally for many years.  She specialises in unusual jams – that’s to say, flavours you will not find in supermarkets.  With the help of recipes handed down from her grandmother,….read more

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