Wine tasting: May 2012

10.30 start. Waiting for the bus to Gland. Picnics at the ready.

Three ladies, three nearly empty glasses: time for next venue!

I would like to start with that one please, then that one and then that one!

On our way to the next cave. No bus for this one! Need refreshment!

Think those guys must have stayed for an extra glass or two.

Why bother dirtying a glass?


Second cave, time for lunch…and more wine.

Can I drive this much over the limit?


Seemed like a good idea after…how many was it?

Where has the winemaker gone? Oh well, off to the next one then.

Tony checking his watch…all this drinking time wasted on the bus!

Where did she come from…Honorary PIC member for the day!

yum yum yum

Hey chaps, look what I found!

Is that a spare glass in their pouches? Now that’s a cunning plan!…and the winemaker has not noticed…Result!

Great place, they fed and fed and fed us. And our Honorary PIC member got a free bottle of wine from the winemaker!

Waiting for the bus back to Prangins. Another drink anyone? Great day, fantastic company, excellent selection of wines and superb weather. Can’t wait until next year!! We would love to see you there!

Ok, I shall help myself then!


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