Star-light walk with the Canadian club and PIC 2013

Our journey started just as the sun was setting, Only -8! Lots of hats, gloves and snow shoes. Once you started walking it felt quite warm! The Canadian club along with JoAnne had found the bar and were fuelling themselves ready for the trek ahead. We decided as we were slow walkers we would take advantage of this and make a head start. You never know we might even beat them to the restaurant! Well we were deluded obviously “a couple” before you start gives you extra “wings” (other Energy drinks are available!) We could see our destination ahead and we could see their lights catching up fast behind, their beams glinting on the snow! In the end, we were overtaken by two super fit Canadian chaps! But we were not far behind. The restaurant was a welcome sight and lovely and warm. 30 of us piled in. Two stragglers made their way in later having taken a wrong turning on their skis! (Or maybe they were having too good a time in the bar at the beginning of the walk)! But we all made it in the end. Loads and loads of Cheese and wine later we headed off back home to bed.


PIC trailblazers: one hour 20 minutes

Canadian Club and our own Carl Williams: 46 minutes!!



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