Meet the team

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Founding members of  PIC

Barbara Guner-Naef: I was born in the UK to Swiss German parents. My family moved back to Switzerland, to Prangins in fact. I then travelled, as one did in the seventies – India – South America. Marriage and three children followed. We lived for 15 years in and around Paris and moved back to Prangins in 2000 and started the Gazette de Prangins with Dominique-Ella Christin and Dominique Polikar. We had the idea of founding Prangins International which had these objectives: to create a support group and network for newcomers and to invite local Swiss Pranginois to join in and help the integration progress, while practising their own English. With this in mind, we started the monthly coffee mornings on the first Thursday of each month and the Club has grown ever since!

Isabelle Kleinbauer: I was born in Geneva. My parents are German and Swiss German and met in New York City. I have always been around an international environement and have been surrounded by all sorts of languages. I grew up in Lausanne and studied in both Lausanne and Geneva. My first degree is a Montessori School Teacher Degree and I also hold a Bachelor in Social Sciences. I have lived in Germany, where I met the father of my 3 children, an american citizen, as well as in the US and speak fluently French, German and English. Upon our return to Switzerland, being a mother at home I became involved with the local community. With 3 other mothers we created the lunch program in Prangins and I became a “conseillère communale”. A little later, the idea of the Prangins International Club was born around a coffee cup one morning. As the kids got older, I decided to go back to work and I am presently working as an adviser on prevention of child abuse. I help parents dealing with difficult situations, related to their children. I also act as an expert in child abuse for the Court. Life in Prangins has treated me very well and I enjoy the local and international flavor of it. PIC should help people of both communities to meet and enjoy the life in our Village.

Ella Christin: I am Swiss and had the great experience to live in the USA with my husband for over 10 years – so I have had a good taste of what expat life is like! We returned to Switzerland where we now live with our four children. I founded the Gazette de Prangins with Dominique Polikar and Barbara Guner. In 2005, Barbara Guner, Isabelle Kleinbauer and myelf, had the idea of forming a club for internationals and for local Pranginois to get together, thus creating a support group and networking link – Prangins International Club!

At present, I am one of the five members of the “Municipalité” which is the executive board of Prangins.

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