About PIC

The purpose of PIC is to facilitate the integration of newcomers into Prangins and to promote friendly contacts among residents of all nationalities who speak English. Prangins International meets first Friday of the month in the Café du Château at 10:00 a.m. There are also a range of activities which are posted on our Facebook page (you do not need to have a Facebook account to access it. A window will pop-up, you click “plus tard”/”later” , you  will still see a part of your browser window covered, but all the info is visible by scrolling) .

There are over

20 different

nationalities represented

in the group…

truly international!

PIC was founded in 2004 by Dominique-Ella Christin, Isabelle Kleinbauer and Barbara Güner, all Swiss ladies who have lived abroad or are married to a foreigner. The group has become an ongoing success with more than 90 different people attending some of our events.

 The main aim of PIC is to create a support network for foreigners living in Prangins, to exchange information about what’s going on in the village and area. As one member put it, “This isn’t just a clique of Anglophones: it’s for anyone living in the village who wishes to converse in English.” Some people come to keep up with their spoken English, which may not be their first language, or to meet new people – we have had many different nationalities. Some come to find a sympathetic teacher of French; some are newcomers to the area, and all are most welcome.

We appreciate our Swiss members greatly as they can share their local expertise and even teach some French to new arrivals. If you are Swiss and have managed to read this article up to here, then you are the ideal candidate to join our group too: the more the merrier!

To receive information join our mailing list by sending an email to:   

Useful Links:

Living in Nyon

La Gazette de Prangins



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