PIC Activities for February 2019

Monday coffee drop February 4th in 10:00 at the tearoom in the village
Contact Jackie: jgshuber@gmail.com

Friday Winter party: Friday 8th  20:00 Maison Fisher

Please confirm you are coming, if you have not already done so, as we need to know numbers for catering. Thank you

Contact Sonia@mgunton.com
Art Group
Friday 15th February 14:30 Château de Duillier
To be advised
Contact virginiamlamb@me.com
Knitting and stitching group
Wednesday 20th February 14:30 Château de Duillier
Bring your project for company and tea.
Contact virginiamlamb@me.com

Book Club
Tuesday 26th February Maison Fisher 20.00

Contact JoAnne :freeman@swimupstream.ch

To be advised Tuesday 26th February Maison Fisher
Contact : freeman@swimupstream.ch


Every week
Monday morning walk-  meet 10:15 at the fountain opposite the car park just down from the auberge. Except the 4th February we will have coffee first.
Contact Virginia: virginiamlamb@me.com

Prangins International Club




Prangins International Club, welcoming international residents and helping them integrate into local communities To join our mailing list, email: Prangins_International_Club+subscribe@googlegroups.co

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